“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pulled, the vision pulls you.”

-Steve Jobs-

Matthew Cutler Founder, President and CEO

Matthew Cuttler has over 30 years of experience at Senior Executive and Board of Director positions with both private and public companies. He is driven by collaborating mutually beneficial alliances and is visionary in understanding industry needs. He has a multitude of successful ventures in the fields of healthcare, green-energy development, leasing, finance, hardware, software and real estate development projects. He is passionate about forging favorable business alliances in all aspects of business. however, he is exceptionally passionate about SELECT'S developments in the cancer and oncology space helping advance the availability of medical technologies that improve treatment options and quality of life for Cancer Patients. Matthew has dedicated himself to align with forward thinking Doctors that believe and continually work toward improving the available treatment options for Cancer Patients.

Under Matthew Cutler’s leadership, SELECT HealthCare Solutions has successfully led the development and/or acquisition of over 25 health care projects in California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.

SELECT enjoys a successful track record of providing capital-intensive, leading-edge state-of-the-art medical technologies and services to local medical communities for the direct benefit of their patients in a cost-effective manner.

SELECT’s business model successfully provides a proven,turn-key solution to structure, finance and manage all the various aspects of the healthcare project’s development and on-going operations.

All the stakeholders in the healthcare delivery system have an opportunity to receive significant benefits in a truly win-win solution for all, and the major benefit is to the patients in the community who have access to the latest technologies and services to improve and extend the quality of their lives.

His unique business structure allows his physician partners to maintain majority ownership and clinical control of their centers while only having to capitalize 10% of the cost.  SELECT provides funding for the remaining 90% of developing, building and operational costs for the total  center.  

Matthew Cutler is also the Founder, President and CEO of Select Technology Partners, LLC, a venture capital funding and consulting company based in Southern California.

He has actively participated in over 25 debt, equity and mezzanine financial transactions with a total capitalization of over $1.5 B, and has been responsible for directing several mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

Mr. Cutler also has significant operational experience with successful start-up as well as re-organization situations, serving in the leadership position as President, CEO, and/or Managing Partner for several of these types of ventures, and has extensive experience in forging strategic relationships and partnerships with potential customers and investors.

He has an established national network of Tier 1 venture capital companies to facilitate transactions and opportunities.

Select HealthCare Solution, LLC

Numbers speak for themselves

Development or Acquisition of over 25 Healthcare projects
Participated in over 25 Debt, equity and mezzanine financial transactions
Total Capitalization of over $ 1.5 B Financal Transactions

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